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Women & Family

Is the menstruating woman allowed to touch the Mus_haf?
There is no harm in this due to the absence of evidence regarding its prohibition.

Women wearing short clothing in front of other women
What is the ruling on women wearing short or tight clothing in front of other women?

Woman paying her Zakaat to her husband
Is it permissible for a woman to pay her Zakaat to her husband if he is poor?

Whether Friday bath is obligatory for women
Whether she prays at home or in the mosque, is the Friday bath [ghusl] obligatory for a woman?

Can husband take back gifts given to wife after divorcing her?
Some of the people; when he divorces his wife he takes back everything he has given her, so what is the legislative ruling for that?

Son exposing father for lying in gathering
A father is speaking within a gathering and begins lying; and his son is sitting with him. The son says: “O my father, you have lied!” Is this disrespect to the parent?

What should husband do on first night with wife?
What should the husband do on the first night with his wife before consummating the marriage?

Raising up of children
We should not neglect our children while they are young.

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